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Nostradamus Quatrain X.72, deception and fulfillment - the true story, explained first

The denial of reality and of God's intervention reflects the state of the society

Why was X.72 fulfilled ...

At first sight it seems incredible that Quatrain 10.72, the only prediction that Nostradamus ever risked, became true.

In fact the first reason why the prediction was fulfilled is very simple: the timing was right. Major events in the history of Mankind HAD to happen around the year 2000.

In face of the extreme degree of brainwash and the great expectations associated with this prophecy, how can you be surprised that God intervened one more time to help humans, to let the prophecy fulfill exactly in the time frame(s) specified?

... and yet nobody wanted to see it

Still before the end of the millenium, it should be clear how the prophecy was fulfilled. And yet, even today, five and a half years later, I realised that there's still no comprehensive explanation of these events, as you can check for instance with the google search used as URL  for this article.

Quatrain 10.72 - How Nostradamus did it

Quatrain X.72 - literal translation ...

X.72 is the only exception to the golden rule of the deception technique described (1). A precise date is given: the seventh month of 1999, i.e. anywhere from July 14 through 13 August 1999 in the gregorian calendar that was introduced after Nostradamus wrote

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un gran Roy effrayeur.
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois.
Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

About deffrayeur  

  • In Nostradamus time, the word "effrayeur" meant "he, who chases away fright" : exactly the opposite of its current meaning.
  • effrayeur was replaced by deffrayeur (big spender) after the first edition of "Les Propheties", ...
  • ... and later it was replaced with d'effrayeur (of fright).

We should retain the translation of the original quatrain as well as the last one, used in 1999.

The literal english translation, listing all these possible alternative literal interpretations is:

The year thousand nine hundred ninety nine seven [ month / months ],
From [ the sky / heaven ] there will come a great King [ of fright / who chases away fright]:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,
Before after [ Mars / March ] to reign by good luck.

Quatrain X.72 - ...  and how it was packaged for the masses in 1999

As July 1999 approached and  the masses waited for the 1999 events to unfold this was the translation that the illuminati media propagated more often:

"In the year 1999 and seven months,
From the sky will come a great King of terror.
The great king of the Mongols will be resuscitated,
Before and after Mars reigns by good fortune."

About the two words that are not linked to the literal translation:


  • "Angolmois" was presented as an anagram of Mongolois (the Mongols) which, historically, could be interpreted as a reference to East, Central Asia, Genghis Khan, etc. 
  • This was introduced by Ericka Cheetham, The Man Who Saw Tomorrow: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, History’s Greatest Psychic (New York: Berkeley Books, 1973).

Of Terror

  • The illuminati made sure that the word "of terror" was used to translate "d'effrayeur", which is disproportionate and not justified either in Old or Modern French. 
  • The word "effrayeur" is derived from the verb "effrayer" (to frighten). The word "terreur" corresponds to the verb "terroriser" (to terrorise). In Modern French, the words "effrayer" and "terroriser" mean the same thing but the latter is far stronger than the former. It corresponds to the paroxysm of fear : a rat may scare (effrayer) someone but it can not terrorize (terroriser) them. 

Quatrain X.72 - why did Nostradamus risk a precise date

These were the known observations and facts that caused Nostradamus in this case to risk giving a precise date: 

  • Mankind gradually moving into the path of destruction.
  • The date for the birth of Jesus linking the end of the millemium to the deadline for that process.
  • Total solar eclipse visible in Europe at the end of the seventh month of the last year of the millenium (July 31, i.e. August 11, 1999) 

Quatrain X.72 - How did Nostradamus package the date

Ciel (sky / heaven); Mois ( Month / Months) 

  • The technique of using words / building the phrase to allow for multiple interpretations. 
  • In the case of ciel Nostradamus meant heaven, as you can deduct from what he meant with Angolmois, deffrayeur and resusciter.
  • Since Nostradamus's reference point is July 31 (Julian calendar), using the word mois is a brilliant solution to cover July (month) or August (months).

Angolmois, deffrayeur ...

  • When it was first published, there could be no doubts whatsoever that it was a reference to the King of Angoumois, Francis I.
  • Francis I: March 31, 1547, Rambouillet), king of France (1515-47), the first of five monarchs of the Angoulême branch of the House of Valois..." [Encyclopaedia Britannica]. 
  • Francis I (François I)  was the father of King Henry II (Henri II), which was the king of France at the time the Prophecies were published.
  • The wife of Henry II, Catherine de Medici, was the patroness of Nostradamus.
  • No wonder that Nostradamus used the word deffrayeur (which as mentioned above at that time meant "who chases away fright") associated to the King of Angolmois

... and resusciter (to bring back to life)

  • Prince Charles was "elected" Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, making him ruler of Austria, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands in 1519.  Charles V was the last German emperor to be crowned by the pope.
  • "Nineteen years old, secretive, cool-headed, and a clever politician, the Emperor Charles V had his mind set on a universal monarchy. His chief obstacle was the King of France, Francis I. A mortal hatred emerged from this rivalry, leading to 27 years of savage warfare, interrupted by truces that were invariably violated." From
  • On February 24, 1525, Charles V led his forces against the army of King François I at Pavia, Italy. After a six-hour battle, King François was captured by imperial troops and the French army was defeated. After lengthy negotiations, the French King agreed to the terms of surrender to the Emperor. He was released from the custody of Emperor Charles V one year later.
  • On May 5, 1527 Spanish, German, and Italian troops under the banner of the Holy Roman Emperor swarmed into Rome. Until December, when they were finally dispersed by plague, these troops plundered, tortured, raped, and murdered in the defenseless capital of Christendom. From The Sack of Rome, by Luigi Guicciardini.

Mars (Mars / March)

  • The reign of notable Mars oppositions would begin in March 1997. The reign would end in 2005, as Mars becomes considerably dimmer.
  • Mars being the symbol of war would add space and dramatic to other interpretations. 
  • Mars in french also means the month of March. In this interpretation it adds additional precision.

Bon heur (Good Fortune)

  • Mars interpretations of war or the month of March add dramatic and precision ...  but just the right portion. 1999 is special but at the end life happily will continue. This is the sleeping pill effect explained in "Nostradamus success - an illuminati favorite" (1).

Quatrain X.72 - how it was fulfilled

I explained above what did the charlatan Nostradamus "predict" in quatrain 72. 
No matter which possible interpretation you take (including the one presented to the masses in 1999), what I mentioned still holds:  the only prediction that the fraud known as Nostradamus ever risked was fullfilled.

How did all those possible interpretations of his "prediction" come true? If nobody will provide the correct answers this week, I will do it, may God will.

With what I wrote above there should be no problem for someone to quickly come up with the answer. But considering the brainwash level today, I feel I should give some more help:

  • Altough Francis I was defeated, he played one of the key roles preventing the fulfillment of complete world dominance, especially because of the financial damage that the wars with Francis I caused to the treasure of Charles V ...
  • ... which otherwise would see unprecedented favourable conditions in the History of Mankind to reach that satanic goal, starting with the gold supply: fall of the Aztec empire (Cortés, 1521); fall of the Inca empire (Pizarro, fall of Cuzco in 1533).


(1) Nostradamus - an illuminati favorite for almost 500 years

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